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Should You Invest in Bitcoin?

People are looking for a good and fast way to grow their money. Bitcoin seems to be the answer to the big question, where should you invest? The cautious among us tend to be skeptical. Bitcoin is a digital currency. You cannot carry it around in a bag or store it in your safe. You cannot run your fingers through a pile of bitcoins on your bed. If you stop and think about it, most of us don’t do that with cash. A paycheck is electronically deposited […]

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Can You Get Free Bitcoins?

If you do a search for free bitcoins, you will be deluged with great offers to earn bitcoin by visiting websites or playing online games. There are suggestions that you start mining. After all, everyone knows that miners get great payouts. First of all, most of the places that recommend joining sites where you earn bitcoins for watching videos, visiting websites, or any of the usual online low-paying schemes pay in satoshis. What is a satoshi? It’s the smallest unit of bitcoin that gets to be recorded […]

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